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Foil Law Firm is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and serves clients throughout the State of Louisiana. Headed by experienced attorney Franklin Foil, our practice focuses on guiding clients through the estate planning process, ensuring that their assets are preserved and maximized and that important end-of-life contingencies have put in place. We are also passionate about helping families protect loved ones with special needs through the creation of customized special needs trusts and a continuing tutorship.

An Attorney Dedicated To Public Service As Well As Client Advocacy

Our firm’s founder, Franklin Foil, is also dedicated to his community and public service. A Baton Rouge native, Franklin Foil is a  U.S. Navy veteran and currently serves as a Captain in the Navy JAG Corps. He has been serving in public office since 2008, first representing the 70th district in the Louisiana House of Representatives and currently representing the 16th district in the Louisiana Senate.

Mr. Foil’s legislative priorities show his commitment to helping families plan for the future for their children with disabilities. In 2014, he passed legislation establishing ABLE accounts which are tax-free savings accounts to allow families to save for the future needs for their children with disabilities without being penalized if they receive any government benefits. He also passed legislation this past year which would allow both parents of a child with disabilities to serve as co-tutors for that child’s continuing tutorship.

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